The 2014 Annual General Meeting will take place on May 18 from 5 to 8pm, right here at the Riverwest Public House Cooperative.

If you are interested in running for the board of directors, please complete an application: RWPH BoD Interest Form 2014 and submit it to We also have paper copies behind the bar which can be turned in to any bartender. Nominee information will be posted here and on the membership bulletin board (in the bar) as they are received.

Meet Your 2014 Board of Directors Candidates:

Gibson Caldwell: lifetime member, current member of the RWPH Board of Directors and Workers’ Collective
My name is Gibson Caldwell. I love cooperatives. I currently serve on the boards of the Public House, Riverwest Co-op, and the Riverwest Cooperative Alliance. I was part of the Public House since its inception. I have extensive experience with and involvement in neighborhood cooperatives for over a decade.

What attracts you to run for the board?

What skills, talents, experiences, and qualities will you bring to the governance of the RWPH?
Over the years I have had the opportunity to serve in many capacities of the cooperative governance and management. I’ve been able to serve in every officer position at one point or another on co-op board of directors. I’ve been immersed in meeting procedures and consensus since youth.

What’s your favorite event attended / think about the RWPH?
Taco Tuesday Twerk Time

For more info on our Board of Directors, check out the Structure page.

Here’s a digital copy of our Annual General Report: AGM2013 [PDF].


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