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Vaginas: Anatomy and Physiology
July 17th at 7pm, 21+

The first part of the series will cover some basics; the reproductive system, clitoris, menstruation, hormones, good things for vaginas, not-so-good things for vaginas. Get ready for an interactive, informative and engaging talk on a part of the body that is often misunderstood. Have questions? Want more information? Come for the talk, stay for a Q&A after!

Presenter: Mia Noel is from Milwaukee’s Northwest side. She graduated from Marlboro College in Marlboro, VT. Her background includes experience in public health, education, film, and volunteer work with area nonprofits. Mia is currently the Community Outreach Specialist for Planned Parenthood of WI. She is happily working on creating a culture where sexuality is discussed respectfully and openly.

About the series:
As we were hanging out at the bar, we got to talking about the lack of real education, understanding, and the misinformation surrounding sexual health. So, we created a sexual education series for adults! A fun, affirming, and open space where people can learn accurate information, talk about personal experiences, and ask candid questions. We are bringing in community advocates, educators, and experts to facilitate conversations on topics such as anatomy & physiology, gender, sexual practices and pleasure, reproductive rights and responsibilities, and life stages.

About Night School:
Night School is an event series that was developed for the Riverwest Public House Cooperative in 2011. Created and co-curated by Peter Murphy and Paul Kjelland, Night School is an environment for critical dialogue, presentations, films, and more in a social space. Night School is always free and open to the public.

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We have the great pleasure of hosting the release party for Sat Nite Duets’  new EP “Los DJs”. This bill is stacked with some of our all time favorite Milwaukee bands and it would be great to see you out. Doors will be at 9pm and cover will be only $5.

“It shouldn’t be a surprise, then, that Sat. Nite Duets’ latest 8-song EP, Los DJs, represents yet another subtle shift in style and tone. But there is something surprising about it. For one, it’s by far the most rough and ragged record the group has released in years. Scorching opener “On My Honor” is all basement-level production and wigged-out guitars, topped off with the kind of disarmingly bittersweet vocals the band has long been known for. “TV Loverboy” slyly cops the guitar line from Rick Springfield’s “Jessie’s Girl,” of all things, and turns it into an agreeably goofy tune custom built for drinking warm beer and watching the Pro Bowl with a bunch of creepy friends. (You know, one of those parties.) “Band On The Rocks,” meanwhile, spends half its runtime in instrumental mode before breaking into a full-on reggae jam, because that’s the sort of thing that always seems to happen with Sat. Nite Duets. “Viva Los DJs” continues the song-title wordplay with a tossed-off mini-anthem custom built for drinking warm beer and watching…well, you get the idea.”

-Milwaukee Record

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Night School: Caregivers and the Workplace

Join 9to5 Wisconsin for Part 2 of the 3 Part “Working Wisconsin & The Policies That Don’t” series. Hear personal stories and educational information from various speakers about their experiences as caregivers for their children, parents, and other loved ones along with how Family and Medical Leave Insurance helped them or how they did not have access to it and why workplace policies in Wisconsin need to change. Wisconsin women and families should not be forced to abandon the family they love for the paycheck they need!

“When families succeed, Wisconsin succeeds!”

For more information or to get involved check out our website or contact us at or 414-274-0925

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Social Media 101 for Cooperatives, Sunday June 29, 3pm

Although social media is the most popular way to communicate and stay informed for both people and organizations, there’s still a lot of mystery around how to optimize it’s use.

I’ll cover some major concepts about how social media work and best practices for co-ops, specifically our Riverwest co-ops, to reach more community members with our messages and help fulfill our missions. Q&A to follow. Participants will have access to materials after the workshop.

About the Presenter
Laura Kendellen is a 10-year Riverwest resident, and is a member of the food co-op, Public House, and People’s Books. She also sits on the People’s Books Board and leads their Communications Committee. Laura has worked in digital communication and organizing since 2007 for both consumer-based businesses and non-profits. She’s currently the Digital Communications Organizer at Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, managing websites, social media, and bulk email systems.

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Public House Night School: Victor Grossman direct from Berlin, Germany, Sunday June 15, 6pm

You’re invited to join us as part of the free Night School at the Public House, 815 E. Locust for very topical insights from today’s united Germany and a first-hand alternative view of the Cold War, by commentator Victor Grossman. A Jewish American leftist who fled the US army at the height of McCarthy period, and then lived and worked in the [East] German Democratic Republic for many years, Grossman helped expose the high positions held by former nazis in post war Germany, and his detailed May 5th article analyzing the EU from a left perspective & reviewing in 11 nations the rise of the hard right just prior to the recent EU elections, is attached. (For context & the US connections, see
American Far Right Jubilant Over European Election Results,

Pete Seeger called Grossman’s memoir “an extraordinarily honest book. Anyone wanting to know the close-up story of the Cold War should read it.” Written by the only graduate of both Harvard and Karl Marx University (Leipzig), Crossing the River (Univ. of Mass. Press) is now available at People’s Books Co-op, 804 E. Center (414) 962-0575. A few copies of his books in German, on the Spanish Civil War and progressive American women will also be available at the program on Sunday.

For a sample of some of Victor Grossman’s other recent reports, see and

Questions & discussion will be encouraged.

Click here for more info.
Shepherd Express: A Life on the Left: Victor Grossman speaks at Riverwest Public House,

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This Saturday we celebrate the release of The Delphines new record “Hush”!

“There’s not much left to be said about The Delphines and their new release that hasn’t already been said a dozen times by the Milwaukee media circle. Their songs are short. They are energetic. They use reverb. Oh, and Hush is good. Much in the style of previous releases, lead singer Jami Eaton’s vocals are constantly supported and intertwined with guitarist/vocalist’s Harrison Colby’s subdued baritone. Colby’s lead guitar lines crack through a nearly impenetrable wall of rhythm provided by Lucas Riddle’s bass, rhythm guitars, and of course Jeremy Ault’s trademark tom/snare thundering. A thick, and I mean thick, blanket of reverb gives the album a distinct surfy vibe.”

Also playing: Platinum Boys and No Bueno  9pm $5

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How are we doing? Give us your opinion

At our Annual General Meeting we collect member feedback. Even if you weren’t able to make the meeting, we would still like to know how you think we’re doing. If you have a few minutes please complete this survey.

Thank you!

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