9/20 Board Meeting Minutes and Upcoming Events (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Meeting agenda for the 9/26 meeting is available here.

Posted below is the meeting notes from our last board meeting.

2017.09.12 Special Membership Meeting Minutes

Please remember to attend next Tuesday’s (9/26) all-member meeting starting at 6PM.  We will have details and more information coming in email/social media and the website soon.

Also, we have some exciting events, from our lineup this Friday to Oktoberfest in Garden Park with Black Husky.

~Riverwest Public House Board of Directors

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Notes from Tuesday 9/12 Special Member Meeting

For those who requested notes from the membership meeting on Tuesday. They will also be available on the RWPH website. Also, a reminder that a follow up worker collective-chaired meeting will be held on Tuesday September 26th.


A link to our current bylaws can be found here: https://riverwestpublichouse.wordpress.com/structure/ 

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September Calendar

Music Series
9/9 DJ Robski 9pm FREE
9/15 Snag / Live Tetherball Tonight / Doubletruck 9pm $5
9/21 TV Mike and the Scarecrowes + TBA 9pm $5
9/22 Haunter + Alien Boy and Perfume V 9pm $5
9/29 Deep Purple Prince Dance Party 9pm FREE
9/30 Eric Mayson / Dancebums / LUXI / Ben Yela 9pm $5

Community Events

9/1 Drunk Spelling Bee 8pm FREE
9/2 Sorry Not Sorry 1pm FREE
9/3 Night Carnival Art and Costume Build 3-7pm FREE
9/5 DTF Tuesdays 9pm FREE
9/8 SURJ Bystander Intervention Training 7pm FREE
9/10 Packers Party! (Packer’s v. Seahawks) 3:25pm
9/10 Rummage Sale w/ music by Tom Schwark 12pm FREE
9/11 Theology on Tap 7pm FREE
9/16 Night Carnival: Teatro di Affetto 4-11pm FREE
9/16 Teatro di Affetto presents A Burlesque Extravaganza for Time Travelers and Rogues (Night Carnival After Party) 11pm $10
9/17 Packers Party (Packers v. Falcons) 7:30pm
9/21 SURJ Anti-White Supremacy 101 7pm FREE
9/23 Oktoberfest by Black Husky and Public House 12pm FREE
9/24 Packers Party (Packers v. Bengals) 3:25pm FREE
9/24 Krulospalooza w/ DJ Dripsweat 8pm FREE
9/28 Packers Party (Packers v. Bears) 7:25pm FREE

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We need you to help spruce up your Public House

Hello Members and Friends!

We want to thank everyone who has been coming out and supporting us. Also thank you so much to all the volunteers that helped our staff make Locust Street Festival the amazing day it was.

We have some exciting things coming up that we need your help with.

After 6 years it is time to spruce up the Public House. We secured a generous member loan (THANK YOU!) to do some much needed updates.

We will be closed on July 4th and 5th, and opening late on the 6th.

On the 5th and 6th we will be cleaning, painting,rearranging, stereo improvements, and sound damping all to create better meeting spaces and help our amazing shows sound even better.

So please check your basements and garages (or those of your friends’ and relatives’) and see if you have any of the below.

We also need your elbow grease on the 5th and 6th, see needs for volunteer hours below as well.

Help us stretch our Budget!!!

Things we Need:

For Soundproofing:

  • More Clean Foam Board (at least 3’ x3’)
  • Carpet Squares/Samples

For Painting:

  • Tape
  • Rollers
  • Roller Trays
  • Brushes
  • Plastic for floor

For Cleaning:

  • Heavy duty gloves
  • Extra buckets (just to borrow)
  • “Scrubbies” of any sort (not to borrow 🙂 )
  • Rags
  • Sponge mops (to borrow)


  • Experienced Painters-please contact Lisa to confirm needs info@riverwestpublichouse.org
  • Those willing to get dirty
  • Prep/Clean

July 5th starting at 9am
July 6th starting at 9am

Thank you so much!


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Night School: The Case for Optimism: Radicals and Progressives Take on Trumpist Nihilism

We can all see the empire coming, and we want to strike back.

Is it enough to say ‘NO’?

What are we fighting for? How do we take the initiative back?

The truth is we already have the initiative. Once progressives and the counterculture challenged the competitive society of materialism and dehumanization, inequality and alienation, hierarchies and disempowerment, distraction and inauthenticity, the conservative movement began mobilizing to stop us.

The internal hemorrhaging of geopolitical empire is a catastrophe for victims everywhere who will suffer its wrath-filled decline. Experiencing a pervasive sense of threat, many urgently seek to mount an opposition to the present assault on American institutions and the American (and many other) people. What is less clear is what the fight is for. Many wonder, is there even a vision for viable alternative? We must not let the empire suck our dreams from us. We must recall that American society refocused its fateful slide into domination and violence following the 1960s. After progressives and the counterculture challenged mainstream American life, immersed in materialism and consumerism, inequality and alienation and disconnection, hierarchies and disempowerment and loss of dignity, nihilist distraction and interdiction of genuine selfhood and community, many saw this was not a way to live and live well, certainly not in a time of post-industrial productivity where all can have more of what they need, and justice can be done, here and elsewhere, perhaps everywhere.

When progressives and radicals punctured the myth of the immaculate system and it started lurching and taking in water, conservatives and reactionaries bailed out and attacked and assaulted their very own system. Ironically, it has been liberals and even progressives who have returned to the defense of the system, the very system they were the first to insist needed wholesale change. Young people see the deeper rot in the system, and the lives of meaninglessness and desperation it offers and demands – and do not simply seek a return to pre-Trump or even pre-Reagan ‘normalcy.’

THE TIME OF VISION HAS COME: Our issue is the moral quality of our lives and communities and the opportunities to nurture and harness the power every one of us has for a life of realization, meaning, and contribution. We are entering a great experimental age – discovering new kinds of relations, work and play lives, temples and churches and communions, communities, families and education and the raising of children in just and empowering ways. This is a great age for envisioning, inviting us to explore hopeful and engaging ways to live. If we can then live these experiments boldly and mutually, share them, report on them, network and become them, we will find that vision indeed inhabits the land in new and compelling ways.

Join us for a Night School discussion as we welcome James Block, author, political theorist, and professor of political science at DePaul University in Chicago.

Sunday, May 28 at 6pm
Riverwest Public House Cooperative
815 E Locust St.
Milwaukee, WI 53212

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2017 Annual General Meeting May 21 – Run for the Board of Directors

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING MAY 21 at 3pm. Members Only. Vote for our future.

The Riverwest Public House isn’t just a bar. You know this when you get that feeling. The one that comes when you bump into friends and neighbors over a pint. The feeling after an incredible show, or a Night School, a book club, a political art show or a dance party. It is that feeling that we aren’t just hoping for community but that we’re actually building it. We know our neighborhood, our city, our world is a better place every time we raise a glass.

This is why many of us have joined as members. We get sick of politicos dictating what is good “for the people” and disillusioned with the idealists who never get around to doing something. We aren’t waiting for someone else to act, but we are seizing control of our economic and communal destiny. As they say around the block, “You’re doing it!”

But maybe that overwhelming good vibe comes with a little tugging. Maybe you walk out of the pub and think, “It is awesome, but it could be so much better.” Maybe you’re checking the calendar for this weekend shows and say “I want to do more with the Public House.”

Maybe you’re ready to move from the barstool to the boardroom.

OK, so we don’t really have a boardroom, just the long table in front. But still. We’re taking nominations for the upcoming Board of Director elections. We need organizers and activists, dreamers and realists, folks that are good with nuts and bolts and folks that see the big picture. We need finance folks and HR people. We need neighbors and friends. We need the community to lift up leaders and leaders to direct the co-op, especially at this time of growth and change for our organization.

Our board has a few practical functions. We govern by policy and decide by consensus. That means we will look at what are the best practices for this cocktail community we’re creating. We give structural support to our workers collective. We carry the banner of co-ops and tell the story of the Public House locally and nationally.  We’re a working board, with each director serving on a committee.  The board currently meets twice monthly and the schedule will be restructured with the new Board. There are three open seats each with a three year term.

While any enthusiastic organized self-motivator who is a lover of the co-op should run, we are specifically looking for people with experience in HR, Marketing, business management, and of course who couldn’t use a lawyer?

So, if you love building community one drink at a time, come help design the blueprints for that building. Join the board. Email info@riverwestpublichouse.org for more information. Our Annual General Meeting, where board elections take place, will occur on Sunday, May 21. Please fill out the google form board application or you can pick up an analog application from any bartender. All submissions are due by May 7, 2017.


Riverwest Public House Board of Directors

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