Establishing Ourselves

We’re opening a new bar in Riverwest! Not just any bar though, a member-owned, cooperative with the vision to help start-up and sustain other (non-bar) cooperatives in the neighborhood! Visualize a cooperative baker, a butcher, a candle-sticker maker–oh, the possibilities!

We just incorporated the Riverwest Public House Cooperative earlier this week and are busy getting the rest of our ducks in a row as we get ready to move into 815 E Locust St, formerly known as the Riverwest Commons.

We’d love your help! If you want to help us get this thing off the ground, let us know and we’ll get you in the loop. We’re all volunteers right now, so really any and all help would be great, particularly once we get in the space and start fixing it up!


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One Response to Establishing Ourselves

  1. Paul Szedziewski says:

    The spirit that I experienced at the Art Bar Tuesday night was FUN and a great energy to launch what will become, I believe, a wonderful synthesizer for our community.
    I think it is also special that the pub will be at the center of Riverwest on Locust Street and reduce the impact on Locust as simply a funnel for traffic to the east side. It will make the old community activists, who “stopped the boulavarding of Locust Street” years back, very proud. I look forward to joining in and supporting this exciting endeavor.

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