Get Them While They’re Hot: Lifetime Memberships!

With less than a month until we open (projected date, March 1st!), we’ve got a number of impending expenses before money from sales starts rolling in. We’ve been been thrifty, relying on volunteers to do most of the rehab work and have been able to negotiate work-trades with a number of the skilled folks from the neighborhood including Build Milwaukee Cooperative to do some of the larger renovations which we wouldn’t be able to do ourselves. Yet we can’t work-trade expenses like licensing fees, inventory, insurance and March rent. As such, the money raised through membership this month is all the more vital to the Riverwest Public House’s successful opening next month!

Engraved Beer Steins for Lifetime Members!

As a thank-you to the first one-hundred people who believe in the success of the Public House by becoming a lifetime member, each will receive a handcrafted beer stein made from Grey Fox Pottery in Minnesota. (Style and color will vary from those to the left.) Each stein will be engraved with the Public Houses’ logo, will be labeled with the member’s name and member number and will live on a shelf behind the bar for that member’s use only. Cheers!

Additional benefits extended to all members include:

  • Supporting the Riverwest Cooperative Alliance
  • Member-only drink specials & events
  • E-newsletters with bar updates and upcoming event
  • A vote during the Annual Meeting

Lifetime memberships are $200 while annual members are $40/yr for 5 years (or until the $200 is met). Memberships can be purchased during Public House workdays listed on the calendar, at the Fischberger’s Variety Store (2445 N Holton St) or by contacting

Thank you for your support!

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One Response to Get Them While They’re Hot: Lifetime Memberships!

  1. Barb Aho says:

    Gee I wish we covld do a co-op greenhouse @ Kelners and grow our kale and greens indoors now!

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