April Fools!!

From OnMilwaukee.com’s April Fools day post:

Riverwest Public House totally spaces out on liquor license, man

After months of planning and organizing for the country’s second cooperative tavern, the Riverwest Public House opened its door last week, but did not open the liquor bottles. Or wine bottles. Or beer bottles.

Nope, not even the Riverwest Stein bottles.

“Yeah. That. I thought Raven filed for the license, and Raven thought Bootz filed, and Bootz thought Juju filed, and Juju moved to Bay View with her boyfriend. Oh, and her girlfriend. And a ferret,” said Sherry Waters, a volunteer worker at the Public House.

Until the liquor license is secured, the Public House is serving nine different kinds of kombucha — a fermented tea made from bacteria — along with organic milk and something called “Ugly Orangina.”

“Yeah, that one you might not wanna buy for your kid,” said Waters. “It made me kind of scratchy and slightly confused by the thin membrane that separates reality from dream space. And horny.”

Mike Breether, another co-op volunteer, said he attempted to buy the license, but the city would not accept his alternative Riverwest currency as payment nor were they willing to barter.

“It’s a total disrespect and disconnect. I totally offered to knit or muddle in exchange for the license. I also repair bike tires, mind map and make jam, by the way,” he said. “And when the shizzle hits the fan, who’s going to be more prepared than jam makers?”

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2 Responses to April Fools!!

  1. Could always turn into a Coffee Tavern. I’d rather have some homemade strawberry jam…

  2. Tony B. says:

    Ya know you should probably take this post down or comment that it is a April fools joke. I asked a friend to have a beer last night and he told me that we were not serving beer or alcohol yet! I had to specifically tell him THREE times (he may have a thick head) I was drinking BEER on Sunday night. He still didn’t believe me.

    Unless this isn’t a joke and you were not serving me Bitter Woman for the RW24 documentary.

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