Shepherd Express: Riverwest’s First Cooperative Bar

Article published in the Shepherd Express, available here: Riverwest’s First Cooperative Bar Welcomes Members

The Riverwest Public House Cooperative’s business model is unique in more ways than one. The bar, which celebrates its opening with a week of events beginning with a potluck and beer tasting on Sunday, April 3, is one of only two cooperatively owned taverns in the country, and unlike most co-ops, it seeks to use its profits not only to sustain itself, but also to launch other co-ops.

There’s certainly a leap of faith that’s involved whenever you open a co-operative business,” says Whitlow. “I think we’re lucky in that we’ve opened it in Riverwest, which is really supportive and which has a history of co-ops, with the cooperative grocery store and café here. I don’t know if we could open a co-op like this in Brookfield.”

Join us in our Grand Opening celebrations the rest of the week:

Wed, Apr 6 | 5 – 8pm Game Night! Bring board games, twister, chess and your mom for this family-friendly event!

Thurs, Apr 7 | 7 – 11pm Punk Show! Local bands:


Friday, Apr 8 | 7 – 11pm Grand Opening Party w/ the Squeezettes!

**For the record: you don’t need to be a member to drink at the Public House, you just won’t get the member-discount!**

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