This is it!!

Last night was a real party. The Beehive Collective showed up which was a real treat. All the bands were fantastic. This week couldn’t be going better.

But today’s the day we’ve really been waiting for. And an unforgettable day it will be. What are we talking about? The Grand Opening, of course!

Are you coming tonight? To those poised to miss it, we have this to say:

Squeezettes are polkaing and Western Starlanders are going to honky-tonk it up for all to enjoy. Who knows, we may even have more surprise acts up our collective sleeve. As always, we’ll have some nice drink specials on Great Lakes distillery and Lakefront Brewery items.

But aside from entertainment and drink specials, we’ve done something as a neighborhood worth being proud of. This is a great chance to come unwind on a Friday night and bask for a moment in the positivity of true community. Amidst political and economic uncertainty, and reminded again a few times in the past week of the violence Milwaukee persistently suffers, Riverwest and its neighbors have shown their vision for a better future. There’s a lot of work still to be done, but we’re moving in the right direction. And we have ourselves and our neighbors to thank. See you tonight, kids.

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