Thank You!!!

After a long week of highly convivial affairs, all we have to say is thank you. Riverwest (indeed, Milwaukee), your support has been encouraging and inspiring. To all those who came to their neighborhood bar last week, our collective hat is off to you. Our hard work and passion means little without the validation and support of our community, and last week and weekend you showed this neighborhood’s potential. To all the member-owners, bands, families, friends, neighbors young and old, thank you thank you thank you.

The end of our Grand Opening marks only the beginning of a project and a vision for our community. We have seen over the past week (and many many times in the past) that the Riverwest neighborhood has the unique capacity for immense positivity and actualizing change. Keep bringing your energy. Keep bringing your positivity. Keep bringing your ideas.

Last week was a preview of the diverse, community-oriented programming we will always strive to bring you. Keep an eye out for more in the coming weeks.

TUESDAY, April 19, 8pm – Thistle and the Thorns

FRIDAY, April 22, 7pm – Rally for Recall


The Public House

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