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When we opened, we didn’t have much variety. St. Patrick’s day 2011 we received two tiny shipments of beer and liquor, looked at each other and said, “well, no time like the present.” Despite the legend you may have heard, when we opened we DID have our liquor license…just not very much liquor. But now, after a little more than a month of successful booze-jockeying, we’ve got a nice little inventory. In addition to our full bar and wide range of beers (tap and bottle), we also feature a assortment of LOCAL beverages. And we thought you might like to know. Here’s the scoop.


Our delicious bottled beers are all $4.

Organic ESB: One of the few beers brewed in the world using 100% certified organic ingredients  including the hops!

A classic British style Extra Special Bitter that pours a brilliant amber with a nice off-white head. Cascade hops lend a citrusy bite to the malty flavor to yield a very refreshing taste.

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White: Belgian classic, brewed with wheat malt and spiced with coriander and orange peel. Pours a beautiful hazy blond-gold with a thick pearly white head. The nose is yeasty with a light aroma of fruit and spice. This beer is as crisp and refreshing as the aroma implies, with the wheat malt supplying a full, somewhat sweet background to the orange and coriander flavor. Spritzy carbonation lifts the sweetness to lend a crisp finish. A great beer for a warm summer day.

Fuel Cafe: This unique stout combines the flavor of roasted malts and Milwaukee’s renowned FUEL CAFE coffee. Pours a deep, dark color with a beautiful creamy tan head.

Coffee aromas dominate the nose, with a background of roasted grain. The fine balance of mild hops, the gentle acidity of choice coffee and the full mouth feel from roasted malt barley make this an unforgettable brew.

Snake Chaser: This velvety stout pours black with a creamy tan head. Toffee and coffee aromas in this hearty ale are perfectly balanced. Lightly hopped, the flavor is full of the roasted malts and finishes with very low sweetness.

Cream City Pale Ale: Named after the cream colored bricks used to build Milwaukee, this amber pale ale is tasty year round. Pours a light amber with a frothy, stable white head. The light citrus, grapefruit nose comes from American hop varieties, while caramel malts lend a backbone to their crisp, balanced bitterness. Finishes smooth with mild hop flavor.

New Grist (Gluten Free): New Grist is the first beer brewed without malted barley or any gluten-containing products to be authorized by the U.S. Government. Each batch brewed at Lakefront’s Milwaukee headquarters is tested for gluten prior to fermentation, before being bottled and shipped.  New Grist is brewed from sorghum, hops, water, rice and gluten-free yeast grown on molasses. These ingredients are carefully combined to form a crisp and refreshing “session ale” sure to be popular among those with Celiac Disease, but really brewed for anyone with an appreciation for great tasting, handmade beer. (thanks BeveragesDirect)

On Tap…

Draught beers are $3 for members and $4 for nonmembers.

Riverwest Stein: Our flagship beer, named after the hardworking neighborhood in which Lakefront Brewery was founded.
Pours a brilliant amber with a bubbly off-white head. Aromas of American hops mingle with a slight floral character from the German lager yeast. A balanced maltiness with just a hint of sweetness dominates the flavor, with a crisp hop bite in the finish. A joy to drink; no wonder it’s Milwaukee’s favorite craft beer.

East Side Dark: Honoring the eclectic East Side of the city, this Bavarian dark lager is a blend of three specialty grains, creating a rich, smooth, dark beer that anyone can enjoy.

Pours a clear, dark color with a nice off-white head. Hints of roasted malts find their way into the aroma, and form a pleasant background to the dark, rich flavor. The German lager yeast rounds out this brew with a smooth, complex finish. It’s art in brewed form!

Klisch Pilsner: Named after Lakefront Brewery’s founders, Russ and Jim Klisch, this beer is brewed in the tradition of great Czech pilsners.

A beautiful, brilliant blonde-gold pour with a light hoppy aroma. Malts and a slight hop bitterness round out the flavor of this classic style. Klisch is a smooth and full bodied golden lager you’ll remember forever.

22 oz. Bottles…

All 22 oz. Bottles can be purchased for $8.

Bridge Burner: The Bridge Burner pours a deep, fiery amber with a rocky off-white head. The assertive aroma is dominated by dry, earthy American hops: citrus, floral and pine tree notes all make a showing.  The hops dominate, lending a hefty bitterness to the palate, but are backed up by the caramel malts, which lend a substantial body without any extra sweetness. A warm alcohol burn finishes it off with a nod to its considerable 8.0% ABV.  2009 Los Angeles County Fair gold medal barley wine winner.

Fixed Gear: Inspired by the energy and audacity of the fixed gear courier, Lakefront Brewery ran smack into this arresting creation. Fixed Gear is a big, bold American red ale. It pours a glaring crimson tone with a rocky white head and a brilliant floral-citrus aroma, thanks to an aggressive dry hopping. Its immodest, malty spine and intrepid caramel flavors blow in via gratuitous amounts of 2-row pale and dark caramel malts. A balanced citrus bite comes from Chinook and Cascade hops followed shortly by mild, fruity esters from the ale yeast. Weighing in at a mean 6.5% ABV and 34 IBU’s, this one’s got an attitude.

IBA: Lakefront took all the stuff people love about IPAs and gave this beer plenty of crystal and dark roasted malts. This dark, coffee-colored beer pours a rocky, light tan head that leaves plenty of lacing on your glass. The hoppy pine and floral aromas ready your palate for an immediate bitterness. Instead, the sweet, caramely crystal malts blitz through, followed immediately by a sharp piney flavor from the Zeus and Cascade hops. The smooth body leaves a long-lasting hoppy finish.

Rendezvous: A Biere De Garde—literally, “a beer to keep”—is a style conceived in the hills of Northern France. This traditional farmhouse ale is brewed with a special French ale yeast, giving it a subtle, yet delightful ester fruitiness. Ample amounts of 2-row malt give Rendezvous a luscious, full body. Generous amounts of Munich malts are added for additional sweetness and give Rendezvous an impassioned red hue. Saaz and Mt. Hood hops are added for a mild bitterness and clean finish. Robust, smooth, and surprisingly refreshing, the effect on your palate is an intense, fleeting episode: a rendezvous.


In addition to the amazing Lakefront beers, we also have a line of Great Lakes Distillery spirits which are discounted for members.

Roaring Dan’s Rum: Roaring Dan’s Rum is distilled from fermented grade “A” sugar cane molasses. Before a second distillation, pure Wisconsin maple syrup is added. The rum is then aged in a combination of new charred American white oak barrels and used bourbon barrels. The hint of maple Great Lakes adds gives Roaring Dan’s Rum a buttery sweetness on palette entry followed by a dry finish.

Citrus and Honey Vodka: Made with REAL fresh Lemons and Pure Wisconsin Honey!  Any distillery can make a citrus vodka, and most do. What makes Great Lakes’ different is their hand-crafted approach. They use real fruit, unlike most distilleries that typically use industrial flavorings. Others’ vodka’s taste like candy, GL’s tastes like real fruit. They also use pure Wisconsin honey in their citrus vodka. The honey gives their vodka a unique taste and produces a smoother finish. Their honey comes from Wisconsin Natural Acres- These artisan beekeepers, like GL, know that sometimes the old methods are better. They produce the purest honey available from Alfalfa, Clover and Basswood, use no additives and do not blend with foreign or inferior honey.

Kirschwasser: Kirschwasser is distilled from Cherries. Great Lakes’ is distilled from a cherry wine produced by Wisconsin’s von Stiehl Winery using Door County grown Montmorency and Balaton varietals.
Drunk neat, and often served before a meal. Although some cocktails (Singapore Sling, Rose) use Kirschwasser as an ingredient. Also commonly used in fondue!

Pear Brandy Eau de Vie: Eau de vie is French for “water of life”. Great Lakes’ Pear Brandy tastes like you just cut a pear. It has a great aroma and terrific flavor of fresh Bartlett pear. Try it chilled after a meal. It makes a great dessert!

The Kirschwasser and Pear Brandy can only be found at select restaurants, bars and stores in Milwaukee. The Public House is proudly one of them.

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  1. Bobby Mulligan says:

    Are you guys aware that in addition to being “local” that Great Lakes distillery is supporting Alberta Darling by hosting a fundraiser for her this friday at their distillery?

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