Elena Pires Interview with Midwest Beer Collective

One of our Board members, Elena Pires, was “interbrewed” recently by our friends over at Midwest Beer Collective. Here’s some of their conversation:

Interbrew: Drinking Locally with Elena Pires of the Riverwest Public House

On your site you reference old English pubs as an inspiration, what is it about those pubs that drew you to this idea?

The tradition of the old English public house embodies the ideas of strong community, connection and collaboration between neighbors, and rest and relaxation. The public house tradition is also deeply rooted in beer and brewing, as many started in people’s homes where they served their home brews. Our attitude and atmosphere will loosely follow in that tradition of fun and connection between neighbors, as we are “building community one drink at a time.”

Why do you feel we need a meeting place? 

In our mission statement, we dedicate ourselves to “providing an open and welcoming social meeting place which encourages community participation.” The Public House will be a great place to socialize, as well as a venue for events, community meetings, and more. Riverwest is a vibrant community with many long-standing independent bars, cafes, and restaurants. What makes us different from other bars is that we are cooperatively owned.

The Public House will uphold the cooperative values of self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity, and solidarity. We are also committed to the values of collective worker management, living wages, community involvement, and focus on local products. This means that owner-members have a definite say in what the Public House is and how it grows, and employees will be part of a fair and democratic workplace. The future purpose of the Public House is to fuel a cooperative alliance in Riverwest that will propagate and support other cooperative businesses in Milwaukee. So while the Public House will be unique, welcoming, and fun, we are much more than just another bar.

Read the full article here.


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