July Events + 4th of July Weekend

Ah Summertime, you’ve finally joined us. Don’t tell her I said this, but Spring really overstayed her welcome. The Tomatoes certainly didn’t appreciate it, and now they’re a little depressed and droopy. But here’s some good news: in celebration of your (late) arrival, the Riverwest Public House has some great July programming, starting with a jam-packed 4th of July Weekend. Tonight, a night of local DJs, drinking and dancing. Tomorrow, Freddie Lee’s CD release for “Here’s Your Hat, Man.” Then on Sunday, we’re having a Pre-4th of July Freedom Fest. All the crucial details are below, so check ’em out. And next time, Summer, give us a break and get here on time.

Warped – A Night of MKE DJs

DATE:  7/1/2011

TIME:  9pm

Description:  feat. LoFreq, Destro, Chuck LeFuk, Mr Todd Astor, plus special guests…



EVENT NAME:  Intense Anxiety Records & Survival Amusement co. Presents: The Freddie Lee Band;”Here’s your hat man” CD Release Party, with special guest Common Man

DATE:  7/2/2011

TIME:  9pm-1am



EVENT NAME:  Pre-4th of july freedom fest

DATE:  7/3/2011

TIME:  8pm

Description:  Lucky Bone, Radio People, and Skrimshaw.

Cover?  $3 Suggested Donation


EVENT NAME:  A Summer Sound Collective

DATE:  7/8/2011

TIME:  10pm

Description: Featuring Milwaukee’s The Oaks, Speaker Dust, and Coelacanth

Cover? $5


EVENT NAME: Benefit for Youth Employment Fund & River Revitalization Foundation feat music from 4th st. Elevator

DATE:  7/15/2011

TIME:  6pm

Cover? $5


EVENT NAME:  Space Collector, F*ck Honey, TBA

DATE:  7/16/2011

TIME:  9pm

Description:  Space Collector –  Heavy psyc rock from Riverwest, F*ck Honey – Sweet dudes, new band with a member from Masonry.

Cover? $5


EVENT NAME: EXILES IN PIGGSVILLE!! An Exhibition of Art from Milwaukee Natives Anthony Mikkelson & Brad Warsh.

DATE: 7/22/2011

TIME: 6pm

Description: These artists bring back the smell of yeast to Milwaukee with their primal take on the city they know, love, and dwell.  Witness the truth as told through the empty bottle. Experience the vacant delights, the ink scrawled notes, and the curbside homily hung upon the bar room walls. Musical accompaniment Peter Hoeffel and Tom Penglase.


EVENT NAME:  Riverwest Showcase

DATE:  7/23/2011

TIME:  9pm

Description:  Punk show featuring the bands Temple, Wings to Burn, and Absolutely.  All of these bands are local to Riverwest.

Cover?  $4


EVENT NAME:  The Scarring Party +TBA

DATE:  7/29/2011

TIME:  9pm

Cover?  $5

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