2 Free Tastings and a Potluck Next Week…


Next week many people in Southeastern Wisconsin will be voting. Some will be voting in a recall election between Sandy Pasch and Alberta Darling.

And others will be voting on new inventory for the Public House from Sprecher Brewery and Chameleon Brewing Co. And rest assured…everyone will be drinking.

That all goes down next week on Tuesday, August 9th at 6pm. And if you bring in your “I VOTED” sticker, we’ll hook you up with a special drink. We’re not sure what yet, but it’ll be tremendous, we promise. We’re also going to stream election coverage at the bar.



You asked for it, now here it is – our first MONTHLY POTLUCK – 2nd Wednesday of every month. Bring a dish, bring a friend, bring a neighbor. 6pm on Wednesday, August 10. And word on the street is that a new group is going to be introducing something called the Riverwest Radio Initiative…


HOLY SHMOLY! 2 free beer tastings in one week? YEAH. Our great pals over at Lakefront Brewery are going to show off their delicious seasonal beers Oktoberfest Lager and Pumpkin Lager at the Public House. We’re going to carry them all season long, but here’s your chance to try them both for free before they’re behind the bar. Thursday, August 11. 6:30 pm. Be there.



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One Response to 2 Free Tastings and a Potluck Next Week…

  1. chestersteve says:

    i vote that steve whitlow sucks!

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