New Membership Elected Inventory and More!

Greetings all you folks in beerland. We’ve got some good news: new brews! We’ve got some killer upcoming events that would serve as a prime excuse to come check out our new inventory.

Starting now we’ll be carrying Modela Especial and Negra Modelo. We’ve also got cold processed coffee served iced or hot. And now, instead of getting a thermos of coffee, you can get a single cup.

Plus, last week our members voted on 5 of their favorite local Sprecher and Chameleon products. All the winners happened to be Sprecher products, but a special thanks to our friends over at Chameleon for sponsoring the tasting, which by the way was a huge success! Thanks of course to our pals Sprecher, too for making some great beers that our members really love. Here they are in no particular order:

Hefe Weiss: This coarse-filtered wheat ale is fermented with a German yeast culture for a refreshingly light spiciness and hints of citrus fruit. A cloudy appearance and an immense creamy head are characteristic of this lightly hopped Bavarian Brew.

Black Bavarian: This intensely dark Kulmbacher style lager has a superb malt complexity with the distinctive flavors and aromas of coffee, caramel and chocolate. A renowned smoothness and a creamy, tan head make it a world champion.

Mai Bock: Pale malt flavors are balanced with a rich hop character and a light fruit bouquet in this seasonal spring lager. Traditional dry-hopping and extended aging give this blonde bock a distinctive flowery aroma and a potent kick. This one is limited, and won’t be around long.

Abbey Triple: A Belgian Trappist triple yeast culture balanced with the finest imported pale barley, Belgian aromatic malt and oats, gives this golden ale a fruity bouquet and a light refined taste.

Shakparo: Sprecher’s gluten free Shakparo Ale is a West African Shakparo-style beer brewed from sorghum and millet. An unfiltered, light, crisp ale with a cider or fruit profile and a dry vinous aftertaste, it is best characterized as an easy-drinking or session beer perfect for summer gatherings. This beer pairs nicely with lighter fare such as sandwiches, salads, chicken, fish, and spicier foods.

In addition to the five winning Sprechers, we also now have two of Lakefront Brewery’s Seasonal Lagers:

Oktoberfest Lager: This traditional lager is brewed with generous amounts of Munich malt, giving it a wonderful orange hue with a rocky, off-white head. Light hop aromas balance out a slightly floral nose from the German lager yeast. Balanced hop bitterness offsets the substantial malt body, while the lager yeast adds a subtlety of flavor that makes this a great rendition of a German classic. Prost!

Pumpkin Lager: Pours a light orange with an off-white head. Flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves meld well with a slightly sweet background that actually does taste a bit like pumpkin. Caramel and Munich malts reinforce this beer’s mouthfeel and lend to the malty sweetness.

Last but certainly not least, we’re also carrying the fine Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey.

One of Ireland’s finest whiskeys, Tullamore Dew was first distilled in 1829 in the small town of Tullamore in County Offaly in the heart of Ireland. The name derives from the initials of an early owner, Daniel E Williams – DEW. Tullamore Dew is a favourite among Irish whiskeys for its distinctive, accessible taste, enjoyed on its own, over ice or with a little water.

Descriptions, by the way, are courtesy of Sprecher’s website ,Lakefront’s website and Tullamore Dew’s website.

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