This Weekend + Fiction and Non-Fiction Book Clubs

First thing is first. We would like to direct your attention to the particularly long event calendar at the right of the page. Take a few deep breaths and make some lovingly detailed mental notes and fantasies about the great times you’re going to have at the Public House in the next month.Now exhale. Doesn’t that feel good?

Already this weekend we’ve got some absolutely awesome programming.


Invites you to attend a Fundraiser at the Public House in Riverwest
on Sept 22nd, 2011 at 6:30 pm
“Beer and Cheese 101”
Home-brewer Rosy Ricks will provide a tasting and brief education about 7 unique beers brewed right here in Wisconsin, carefully and delightfully paired with cheese!
featuring music by
Colin Obrien
from Salt Creek
$50.00 per chair, limited seating, RSVP ONLY!
Please RSVP to Angelique at 414-243-1902 by September 20th, 2011
all proceeds go directly to United Wisconsin (PAC).


Live Music and dancing.


*Sir Pinkerton & The Magnificents
(Hot Jazz, R&B, Ragtime, and Boogie from the house band of local Vaudeville Circus show “The Dead Man’s Carnival”)

*The Underscore Orkestra (Portland)

(Balkan, Klezmer, Swing, Gypsy Jazz with live belly dancing)

$5 at the door.



Keep It Dirty is a monthly queer dance party currently happening at the Riverwest Public House Bar.

WHEN: Saturday September 24th

WHAT: djs, kissing booths, massage parlors, sweaty queermosdancing, d-i-y sex toy workshops, TWISTER (in your undies?), radical cheerleaders, body shots, gloryholes, vegan burritos, BEER, rad feminist porn, vegan cookies, candy, and lots offucking shiny shit.

A formal invitation to a fabulous queerspace dance extravaganza!

ATTIRE:devastatingly, haphazardly, and genderfuckingly glamorous. we love you looking cheap, looking not for sale, or just covered in glitter. cum sleazy.

WHY: To promote Queer Space, and raise money for trans surgery funds.

$$$: sliding scale 5-10 | 21+


We’re thinking about starting a book club or ten. Give us an idea of what you’d like to read. Thanks!!

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