Apocalypse Soon – up and coming this week and next at your pub


This post is coming a little late, but we still want to give as much attention to these great bands that are playing the Pub tonight:

Eliza Rickman (San Fran) – Who would have thought a singer-songwriter could be so moving with a toy piano instead of a guitar? We’ve been itching to see this come together live for weeks now.

Lady Cannon is one of our favorite locals right now. They played our last Rally To Recall Walker, and they were really intimate and involved. Listen to the link and enjoy this while they’re still in town… we’re betting it won’t be very long before they hit it big.

Daniel Knox (Chi) – We caught our first glimpse of Daniel Knox on this daytrotter session and couldn’t wait to get the band into the Pub. The session speaks for itself, so give it a listen. Piano rock from Chicago hasn’t gotten us this excited in a long time.

DJ Set from THE HAMMER (Armahn Gonzalez) w/ Dwood (Darren Cole) @9pm
No Cover

Free dance party from neighborhood DJs at the neighborhood bar. Spinning Old School, R&B, Hip Hop, Chillwave, Dance Jamz, Freestyle, World, Breaks, Electro and much more. Now print this bad boy out and color it in…


Canyons of Static, Lights at Sea (Grand rapids,MI), Hello Death, and Ozenza (Grand Rapids,MI) @9pm – $5

This is going to be a tremendous show. We couldn’t be more excited.

Erin Wolf wrote a nice little article about Canyons of Static in this week’s Shepherd:

“It’s been an intense year for us thus far,” remarks Ross Severson of Canyons of Static. “We recorded our new album in late winter and have been mixing and mastering throughout the year in between playing a ton of shows. We went on our first tour as a band in June, right in the middle of a massive heat wave.”

Through intense elements, composition and travel, the now-quintet is starting to take root and rest, looking forward to new material and a new beginning on an old path. “I guess we have been embraced enough by the Milwaukee scene to consider ourselves a Milwaukee band,” Severson says of the West Bend-formed group’s longtime split residency.

After six years together, the band seems comfortable with its style of melding dreamy atmospheres into intricate rock instrumentals; their Twitter account states, matter-of-factly, “Shaking walls since 2005.” And while their pedal-laden post-rock might have them also laden with more than their fair share of Explosions in the Sky and Mogwai comparisons, Canyons of Static still have no intention of recreating those particular bands’ sounds (although similar, there are differences), even with their name being a nod to that genre’s kin, Godspeed You! Black Emperor’s “Terrible Canyons of Static.” The magnetic appeal of their compositions lies in the variant pushes and pulls of percussion from Nathan Gaffney, bassist Chris Biertzer’s ability to find those heartstring lines that so endeared New Order to its fans and Aggie Severson’s keys, in turn, echoing a haunting, slow-motion reflection of those ethereal sounds of pop’s past.

Read the rest here: http://www.expressmilwaukee.com/article-16318-canyons-of-static-settle-down.html


Riverwest Radio Initiative Meeting @ 6pm
Help found a local broadcast radio station in your own neighborhood! This is an interesting project that we’re in full support of. The organizers need as much expertise and elbow grease as you can muster, though. Come check it out and see what it’s all about.

Potluck (6pm) & Pub Trivia (7pm)
Every second Wednesday of the month we have a potluck at 6pm. It was an idea brought up at the membership meeting, and so we’re fully in support of it. But the past couple months have been a little slow. So get out your cook books, people! Let’s break bread!

Followed by funny and challenging Pub Trivia hosted by none other than Riverwest’s very own Jeb Ebben. Prizes include free drinks, gift certificates, and more.
Featuring: (order of appearance)
Parker Winship (prose)
Sean Williamson (stand up)
Joey Montalto (Musician)
Buffalo Cody (band)
Time: 9 PM
Cover: 5$ suggested


Fight Back Friday Sponsored by Educators’ Network for Social Justice @3pm
Payday celebration and solidarity for local teachers. This is our most fun afternoon event, and what better way to start off a payday weekend than by hanging out with a bunch of unwinding teachers? Seriously, its a hoot. Yes, a hoot. Plus get ready for the occupation on the 15th.
Then, later…

Radical Marching Band Takeover – Milwaukee Molotov Marchers @ 7pm $3-5 suggested
Milwaukee’s noisiest rabble rousing underdogs will take you from the launchpad of payday-teacher-unwindingness through the stratosphere of rock’n’roll civil disobedience. Remember that day when you saw a bunch of people walking down locust making noise just for the hell of it? That’s because the Molotov Marchers were playing. No, seriously.

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