New! Autumn Seasonal Cocktails

Since the first cold day we’ve been working on our next batch of Seasonal Cocktails. Last summer, we worked on bringing you refreshment to cool down those sickly sticky humid days. This time around we worked on bringing seasonal ingredients to the table, including pumpkin and nutmeg. We also worked on cocktails that warm you up rather than cool you down. Try these out tomorrow, Wednesday, when the daily special is $2 off our Specialty Drinks Menu.

Introducing the new Seasonal Cocktails:

$8/$7 Absinthe Pour (Green or Red)
GLD Amerique Absinthe and iced water served in a frosted white wine glass. Authentic absinthe is made by distilling anise, grande wormwood and fennel. Great Lakes Distillery has some really top notch (check out the ratings) absinthe and we’re proud to feature such strong ingredients. We think you’ll agree this lives up to its reputation.

$8/$7 Pumpkin Maker
A shot of GLD Pumpkin Spirit in a pint of Lakefront’s Pumpkin Beer. Even though the word “pumpkin” has appeared 3 times already, the flavor is extraordinarily mild and refreshing. This has the wallop of a normal boilermaker but with a distinctly autumnal flavor that doesn’t overwhelm, but rather entices. Give it a try, you won’t regret it.

$8/$7 Grey Sky Toddy
This classic is just in time for the cold weather. Honey, hot tea, Kinnickinnic Whiskey, and lemon slice in a pint glass. The Hot Toddy is traditionally drunk before going to bed in wet or cold weather. Great after a long bike ride through cold wind or if you’re trying to drink your way through a head cold.

$9/$8 Awake In Moscow
Our coffee-lover’s take on the White Russian: Coffee, Kahlua, GLD Rehorst Vodka, and Half’n’Half. The dude, fully awake, abides.

$7  A Little Whiskey
In a neat glass we muddle a large lemon twist with some simple syrup and bitters then fill’r up with Bulleit bourbon. It’s good whiskey done up good.

$9/$8 Autumn Ancona Sour
This is a high end whiskey sour with Pumpkin Spirit and GLD’s KinnicKinnic blended American whiskey (Kentucky Bourbon and Wisconsin Malt). We use fresh organic lemon and house made organic simple syrup and then thicken it up with an egg white from a local farm. Served up or on the rocks. Great Lakes Distillery Pumpkin Spirit, GLD KinnicKinnic Whiskey, Egg White, Lemon Juice. Dash of nutmeg on top.

(Prices: non-member/member)

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