No Bones about it: NOVEMBER RULES.

Now that you’re all Hollowed out from so much Ween (GET IT?), it’s time to seriously get down in November.

Cocktail Tasting

The sixth cooperative principle is cooperation among cooperatives. So in the spirit of numero seis we teamed up with our pals over at the Riverwest Co-op to sponsor a cocktail tasting with a vote for which cocktail should be the special on their Nov 13 birthday party at Falcon Bowl. So tomorrow, Tuesday Nov 1, we’re kicking off the month with a $10 for 5 cocktails special, so you can taste and vote on the cocktail of choice. Starts at 6pm and will go till 8pm.

Open Mic Night

This month we’re proud to be the new venue for Lone Wolf Open Mic night, an open night event that has been going strong in Milwaukee for over a year. Jerrod Johnson is your host and has gathered quite an array of talented folks. Come check out the first installment on Wednesday Nov 2 at 9:30.

Remember Remember The Fifth of November:

Cave (Chi), Trophy Wives (Members of Young Widows), Running (Chi), Catacombz, Absolutely. This will arguably be the best Public House show of 2011. There’s little else to say. 8pm $7. Come get flattened.


The last potluck was absolutely incredible. We had such a killer spread. I hope all bellies were as bursting as mine. This month will be even better because not only are we giving away a free drink when you bring in a dish, but it’s also THANKSGIVING MONTH, so you’d be foolish not to take this opportunity to experiment with something new and exciting that you’d like to totally brag about on the holiday. The 24th’s a long way off though. Wednesday the 9th is where the party’s at for now. Bring food. Bring a friend. Bring a neighbor.

And bring your brain to Trivia.

Most of you probably don’t know this but Jeb Ebben, host of Public House trivia night, is actually a trivia writing cyborg. Remember when you bought your membership in November of 2010 and it took like 5 whole months before we even opened our doors? That’s because it takes forever to build a robot and make him look as lifelike as Jeb does. He’s programmed for exactly 1 purpose, and that is to bring you the best trivia night in town. And it shows – anyone else have a hard time finding a seat last Wednesday for his spooky edition? A robot’s work is never done. Trivia will now be every 2nd and 4th Wednesday. So this month it’s November 9th and 23rd.

Cleaning Day BYOBucket

We forgot to teach old robo-Jeb 3000 how to clean, unfortunately so we need some volunteer help. We’re giving the Public House a spit-shine and you’re invited. Saturday Nov. 12 we need volunteers to BYOB (B stands for bucket this time), roll up their sleeves and help us make it a real sweet-smelling wonderful flower-pedal-intensive joy to hang out in. if you’re into volunteering. Or just show up at 10 AM. We’ll feed you.

Packer Games

Today we got a TV. You wanna root on the only cooperative in sports at the only cooperative bar in your state? Now you can. Every Sunday the Packers play we’ll have it on our modest, non-imposing, living-room sized TV for you to watch and shout at with the rest of us.



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