Beehive Collective, Potluck, Deep Clean, Trivia, Rock & Roll, Kitchen Sink, Etc.

Potluck + Free Drink – It’s that time again, folks. This week is our 2nd Wednesday Potluck at 6pm. Bring an experimental Thanksgiving dish or anything you want, really, and we’ll hook you up with a free pint to wash it down. Riverwest Radio Initiative will be having a meeting during this little shindig, too, which is good if you like to eavesdrop or, you know, start an amazing community radio station right down the street. Right after that we’re hosting…

Pub Trivia – Jeb Ebben is going to emcee Milwaukee’s first and only Pub Trivia*, (NOW TWICE A MONTH!!!!) 7pm on Wednesday.

Groups of up to 4 will have a chance to compete in their knowledge of the trivial. Prizes include drink tickets and other happenin’ do-dads.
Rules are simple: 1.) Maximum four to a team (but you do not need four to play). 2.) No smart phones/web devices/texting or phoning friends, etc. If you cheat at free trivia, you really suck and we will shame you. 3.) Turn in answers after each round. 4.) No arguing with the trivia master (hereby known as the “quiz wizard”) over answers.
(*to take place at a cooperative)

Lucky Bone CD Release / Asumaya / Golden Coins

Thursday 11/10 at 9pm

From AV Club: Luke Bassuener, a prolific Madison musician from groups like This Bright Apocalypse and Control, obviously has a lot left in the tank. That is, at least enough to become the one-man band, Asumaya, perched behind a drum kit with a bass guitar, stacking loops on top of loops to create big, spacious sound. Watching him create “Be A Drop” live means patiently waiting as he adds a hand drum, some more clattering percussion, and a bassline, one at a time, before he starts in playing another bassline and drums with his feet while singing. It also means being astounded when he cuts it all off so he can start something amazing all over again.

11/11/11 Party for Peace
8PM $10, free for vets.
Peace Action Benefit w/ Paul Host & Dollar Bill plus a really amazing pizza tasting from local restaurants!

Deep Clean – This Saturday, November 12we’re doing a Deep Clean of the Public House. Think of it as a Spring cleaning that’s like 6 months late or whatever. Anyway we’ve got some chores to do. And we need your help! Please lend a hand tidying our cave before winter! 2 or 3 hour shifts between 9am and 4pm this Saturday. Email to sign-up for a time (or just show up and help out). A free drink or two (coffee, tea, taps & rails) for hardworking bears. There will also be snacks!  BYOBucket and bring T-shirts + socks for use as rags.

Saturday November 12
9pm $5

Killer show, folks. Totally killer. Not to be missed. Not like literally a killer show, show of killers etc. The killers aren’t playing, either if that’s what you thought we meant. No but really this is going to be a strong performance by a few of the talented musicians in our midst.
Animals In Human Attire

Revision Text

Hemmingbirds (from Chicago, IL)


Beehive Collective Presents


Sunday 11/13 at 3pm $5-15 suggested donation::proceeds will help fund a Beehive Collective visit to Riverside University High School.

A high energy, interactive, graphic-based picture-lecture that speaks to
the overwhelming and complex picture of globalization, militarization, and
resource extraction, as well as the small-scale changes and actions we can
undertake to build another world!

Long exploited as a resource-extraction colony within the US, the
Appalachian Mountains are home to a fight for survival whose outcome will
determine in part the industrial power of this country. Without coal,
there would be no ‘cheap’ electricity. Today’s energy corporations and
government bodies are continuing to show the extent of their violence and
greed as they push their extractive agendas in the “New Coal Rush.”

Our insatiable demand for cheap power has lead to the most extreme,
devastating form of coal mining yet, Mountaintop Removal (MTR). The TRUE
COST OF COAL graphic uses MTR in Appalachia as a lens through which to
understand the historical and contemporary story of ENGERY, RESOURCE
EXTRACTION and of AMERICAN EMPIRE accelerating throughout the world.  We
will expose the DECEPTIONS of CLEAN COAL technologies and bring to light
the ensuing CLIMATE CHAOS facing the world today.

With a gigantic portable teeming with intricate images of plants and
animals from the most bio-diverse temperate forest on the planet, the Bees
will share (and seek) stories of how coal mining and Mountaintop Removal
affect communities and ecosystems throughout Appalachia and beyond.

This graphic also looks to the future, raising questions about resistance,
regeneration, and remediation while celebrating stories of struggle from
mountain communities. The TRUE COST OF COAL will challenge all of us who
casually flip on a light switch to examine our own connections to MTR- and
to think about what we can do to stop it from within our own communities.
Learn more about this graphics campaign as it unfolds at:

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