Introducing: BRUNCH

We have been kicking this idea around since before we even opened, and now we’re so excited to finally make it a reality. Every Saturday and Sunday from 11-2pm, we will deliver brunch made to order courtesy of the Riverwest Co-op. Get full with us starting the weekend after Thanksgiving. Get a dollar off your brunch drink when you order food. Bring your family, they’ll be in town and tired of your living room.

Brunch Drinks:
Bloody Mary
Irish Coffee
Bruised Apple
(and more!)

Brunch Entrees:
Breakfast Muffin 5.00 (Add potatoes for $1)
Breakfast Burrito 7.00
Biscuits and Gravy 6.00
Bi Bim Bop 7.00
Giant Cinnamon Roll 4.00

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3 Responses to Introducing: BRUNCH

  1. Barbara Aho says:

    Love this! Esp because it’s hard to get a seat at the co-op during the weekend AMs. Although buns and muffins aren’t entrees. Need pancakes and eggs!

  2. erindaisy says:

    The breakfast muffin is an entree! A delicious, delicious entree…

  3. Benjamin Clark says:

    bloody mary’s are disgusting

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