Get your Hot Blind Debate on…

What do you get when you mix the time-honored American tradition of public debate with a mob of drunk and unruly Milwaukeeans? The Milwaukee Hot Blind Debates of course! We’re so excited to bring this back Thursday December 1st at 7pm. The categories are as follows:

The last debate was definitely a contender for the Most Fun We’ve Ever Had At The Bar We All Own (MFWEHATBWO). But we’re wagering this week might really take the cake. Entry is a suggested donation of $3-5 to benefit Kiva, the microlending organization. Debaters can sign up at the door. Rules & Regulations are all available here.


Autumn is Best Served Local: Free Tasting Hosted by Great Lakes Distillery

That’s right folks, we’re serving up samples of our seasonal cocktails as well as delectable recipes from Great Lakes Distillery. That’s Tuesday Nov 29 from 6-8pm, and totally free. Our seasonal menu can be found here. Drink seasonally with us, and learn how to spice up some of your favorite cocktails with GLD products.

If you can’t make this tasting, don’t forget we have an awesome special on Wednesdays where you get $2 off our seasonal cocktail menu.


T.W.I.G. & The Collective Dec 2 @ 9pm

Milwaukee Independent Hip Hop artist T.W.I.G. will be playing Public House this Friday with her band The Collective. It’s $5 at the door and starts at 9pm. Preview here:

Storytellers Series feat Adam Asher, Mario Willis

Locals Adam Asher and Mario Willis will be performing stories and spoken word poetry this Sunday night, December 4th. There are rumors that our friends over at World Wide Dirt will also be reading some of their latest material. The event will begin at 7pm.

Theology On Tap

One of our favorite regular events at the Public House is Theology On Tap, where you can grab a pint and ask Pastor Steve Jerbi any question you’d like. More and more people have been attending, and people of all stripes including the pious and heathen alike. In December it’s taking place Monday Dec 5 at 7pm.

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