Claudettes and Animals in Human Attire 1/12

So this crazy troupe from god knows where approached us about having a show in January on a Thursday night. And first we were like what? And this is what they said…

“The Claudettes are piano-smasher Ig and drummer Mike Caskey from oh my god.
Remember that brief period when Ray Charles, Bobby Timmons, Otis Spann, Mose Allison, Professor Longhair and Raymond Scott were all on the SST label? Neither do we, but that’s what we sound like. We were the house band for ruthless bar owner Claudette, but she lost her lease to Claudette’s and she now takes us around to wherever she can set up her bar, ceaselessly advertise her drink specials and “sell her budweisers.” We must wear ties and we must be prompt, or Claudette will dock our pay! Listen here (first three tracks):

Can you believe that? So naturally we said yes. It’s all a very confounding arrangement. I guess for a bunch of piano-smashing (a term we will soon adopt, undoubtedly), bar-repo’d, bunch of beer slave pirates they seem rather unthreatening. We enlisted Animals in Human Attire to keep the peace just in case anything gets out of hand. Should be interesting.

All this madness is gonna happen at 9pm on Thursday January 12. And will cost a total of $5…$3 if you flash your membership card because we love you.

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