2 New Beers

Just in time for the Last Year Ever, we have 2 new beers in stock. And they’re both local and celebrate Wisconsin heritage. OH YES we love these 2 new delicious brews. The Black Hawk Porter has the kind of fullness of flavor that one enjoys in a porter. Local Acre is really finely crafted and uses all-Wisconsin-grown ingredients. We’re not sure if its the freshness of the ingredients or the raw talent of the Lakefront team but Holy Schmoly that stuff is good. Below are the descriptions straight from their respective horse’s mouths.

Chief Black Hawk PorterTyranena of Lake Mills, WI. Chief BlackHawk Porter is a robust black and sharply bittersweet ale.  This style was traditionally the session beer consumed by the porters in London. $4

This is what these 2 new beers look like under low lighting. Thought you'd like to know.

Local AcreLakefront Brewery of down the street. Local Acre is the first beer since prohibition that has been made with 100% ingredients that have been grown and processed in the state of Wisconsin. A distinctly wonderful home-grown flavor comes from the hops and barley being grown in the states’s beautiful, summer climate and sandy loam soil that makes this brew a one of a kind Wisconsin original. The organic 6-row lacey barley comes from a hard working farm in Columbus gives Local Acre its malty sweet backbone, hazy golden straw color and genourous body. Diligent farmers in in Hortonville and Mazomanie supply Nugget and Cascade hops for delicate bitterness with a mild hop flavor and slightly citrus aroma. Taste the soul of Wisconsin and you will a well-balanced, iunfiltered, homegrown lager with an ample body, yet a crisp, pilsner-like finish. This delight comes in a 22oz bottle for $8.

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