Undercover Organism, Metabaque (madison) and Venice Gas House Trolley (madison) – 1/13

This Friday at 9pm for $5 catch a local favorite and 2 of our neighbors from the west.

Undercover Organism – Blending electronic loops and sounds with a live band in a unique live performance, Undercover Organism creates a sound that some may call jamtronica or live electronic music. With influences in jam, funk, jazz, hip-hop, and many different types of electronic music, UO strives on exciting the crowd with sounds they don’t normally here from a live band. UO has played in many regional festivals catering to many different styles including; Summerfest, Project Earth, Cosmic Railroad Family Gathering, Ifdakamp, Choose Your Own Raventure, as well as local street festivals. Still playing mostly around the state of Wisconsin, UO has set its sites on a much bigger picture, to share their musical experience with the rest of the country.

Metabaque – Percussion-heavy (think 22″-wide wooden drums with cowskin heads) afro-Brazilian style of music.

Venice Gas House Trolley –  (from AV Club) Madison’s Adam Gregory Pergament and his band Venice Gas House Trolley lean more toward Funkadelic than toward your stereotypical wannabe snapping his spoken word over a stylishly swingin’ jazz combo. Pergament’s spoken word is just as odd and rambling as what you’d expect from a guy who was “poet-in-residence” at the now-defunct King Club. Synapse Lapse And Reblast! proved the band as a whole can keep up with that eccentricity via slinky-funky bass and drums, flute, and a variety of careful, melodic and atmospheric interjections, and the new Burst Open finally finds the music taking on some eccentricity of its own, embracing diverse styles.

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