6pm Feb 19// Free// 21+ unless accompanied by a parent.
Join Jim Block from DePaul and Joe Austin fro UWM in a wide-ranging
discussion on American children and youth. Are American kids today more
confused than ever before? Should they be? Jim and Joe discuss why
Americans cannot figure out whether they are free or self-disciplining
conformists, and how the American young have been drawn into this
confusion since the nation’s beginnings. Want to know why the 60s
happened? And why the young today feel not only trapped but with no escape
hatch? Come join us, and bring your own ideas and concerns!

Jim Block has just published a book, The Crucible of Consent (Harvard U
Press, 2012) on the shaping of children and youth in America. He has
written another book on the American experience, A Nation of Agents (2002)
and writes frequently for Huffington Post, Truthout and other blogs on
contemporary culture and politics. Jim teaches American political culture
and political theory at DePaul in Chicago, and loves to chat about these

Joe Austin, once a youth himself, is now a middle-aged associate professor at UWM in the Department of History. He has published a book on the early graffiti-writing movement on the trains of NYC (Taking the Train, Columbia University Press, 2001) and a collected volume on the history of young people in the 20th century. His current research is on the history of African American teenagers between 1940 and 1970. Along with his partner, he is parenting two real live youths at this moment.

6pm Feb 19// Free// 21+ unless accompanied by a parent.

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