First Year Anniversary Party Saturday March 17

Can you believe this? It’s been a whole year!! We couldn’t be happier to announce our big first birthday bash, featuring beer, brats, bluegrass and polka. All day we’ll be celebrating, but the real fun begins at 7pm, when Bluegrass All-Stars hit the stage. Later, around 10pm, the Squeezettes will be returning for a polka performance you won’t soon forget!

First 100 Lifetime members rejoice! You will finally be able to drink from your personalized member mug! They will be arriving later this week, and they’re mighty fine. We sincerely thank you for your patience all year! It will have been worth the wait!

All you annual members out there, don’t forget to renew! You can talk to your bartender and renew your membership any time, including at the Anniversary party. And if you weren’t sure how long you wanted to commit last year, reconsider purchasing a lifetime membership this time around! It will be $160 if you’ve already been a member for a year (annual memberships are $40), or if you’re a brand new member, $200.

We can’t wait to celebrate our first year of cooperative existence with you!


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