Classism Workshop

Classism is differential treatment based on social class or perceived social class. Classism is the systematic oppression of subordinated class groups to advantage and strengthen
the dominant class groups. It’s the systematic assignment of characteristics of worth and ability based on social class.
Join members of your community in a workshop to educate and promote healthy dialog about issues of class, uprooting classism and class privilege. To accommodate schedules, two sessions will be offered:
Session I: Thursday March 22nd, 5:30p‐8:30p
Session II: Friday March 23rd, 1:00p‐4:00p
All sessions will be held at the Eight Limbs Housing Cooperative Initiative in Riverwest above the Pink House Studio at 2474 N Booth Street, Milwaukee WI.

Workshop fees are accepted on a sliding scale from $10‐$15+ and are required at the time of registration. R.s.v.p. by phone or email: or 718‐772‐2182

We are excited to welcome two experienced trainers from the AORTA collective to lead us in this workshop. AORTA is a collective of trainers devoted to strengthening movements for social justice and a solidarity economy. We work as consultants and facilitators to expand the capacity of cooperative, collective, and community based projects through education, training and planning. We base our trainings on an intersectional approach to liberation because we believe that true change requires uprooting all systems of oppression. (

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