The week ahead

We’ve got a stellar weekend of events headed your way. Take a peak below:

Wednesday Pub Trivia hosted by Jeb Ebben (FREE) – If you haven’t made it out to one of these yet, you should seriously consider stopping by. From 7 to about 10pm Riverwesterner Jeb Ebben hosts a witty and culturally über-relevant trivia with prizes ranging from free drinks to free shirts to free 6-packs of Lakefront. Sign up your 4-person team and let the games begin.

Thursday Soul, Funk, Old School Hip Hop with DJ FOX (FREE) – A lot of our members can’t get enough soul, funk, R&B and old school hip hop. Sometimes you just have to come in while the right bartender is on shift. We hear you though. You’re saying, “Hey Public House, why not have a free night of this with a really really good DJ who has an unending library of vinyl suited exactly to my taste?” Thursday night is your night! 9pm // FREE.

Friday Country Mice (Brooklyn) + Asumaya (Madison) + a special set by DJ THE HAMMER
This is going to be a killer show. Two big-deal out-of-towners and one of Riverwest’s favorite DJs. Country Mice has been making big national waves with their daytrotter session, and you can stream their record at the link above. $5 gets you in. Doors at 9pm. Not to be missed.

Saturday KEEP IT DIRTY – Little more needs to be said about Milwaukee’s Best Queer Dance Party than the fact that it’s Milwaukee’s Best Queer Dance Party. $10 at 10pm. This time around, Keep It Dirty proceeds will be benefiting the Alliance School so they can have a prom.

Sunday Rival FM – One of our members came up with this idea, and has orchestrated it from the ground up. Rival FM is a way for musicians and home recordists to get their music out there in a new type of venue. You’re not rocking out on stage; instead, you’re listening along with others who will end up voting on your song. Low-pressure, very cool. Here’s their own description of it:

What is Rival FM?

Rival FM is a monthly song writing and recording competition. For musicians, it’s a place to share their music and connect with other artists. For music lovers, it’s a place to discover new songs from artists you may have never heard of and give them some recognition.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Artists and bands submit their singles to us.
  2. A panel of musicians chooses the 10 best singles to be played at our show.
  3. You and your friends come out to our show, have some drinks, listen to new music, and VOTE on your favorite singles.
  4. Your favorites are posted to our website and are invited to return for the next show.
  5. Repeat.

Discover new music! Control its fate!

So there you have it. A week’s worth of events in one long weekend. Are you pumped? Because we sure are.

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