NIGHT SCHOOL: Unbecoming Masculinity April 15 @6pm

Join Michael MacDonald (UWM) and Andrew Anastasia (UWM) in a roundtable discussion of masculinity in the U.S. Masculinity is often thought of as a manifestation of one’s “maleness;” something that is a consequence of being male. As the title suggests, we wish to explore with this workshop that masculinity is something we do over time and in relation to systems of power.
What is “hegemonic masculinity?” How is it toxic? What is “unearned” privilege? In what ways are race and gender connected? What does it mean to “do” whiteness?

Michael and Andrew discuss ways white men “do” whiteness and masculinity in ways that are invisible, oppressive, and toxic. We want to work collaboratively with other self-identified white men to find ways to make white masculinity fail and build together alternative “queered” masculinities. We believe white men must wake up every morning with the goal of unlearning their sexism and racism. White men cannot rely on others–women and people of color–to help them with this.

This workshop is geared towards white men specifically because we believe white men must own their privilege and work together to create other possibilities, but all are welcome.

Andrew Anastasia is a doctoral candidate in the Department of English at UWM. He remembers becoming undone upon learning about systemic inequality, and recently learned how to construct an alternative, queer masculinity. His dissertation explores teaching discomfort, queer pedagogy, and group-relations theory. You may spot him around town playing the trumpet with the Milwaukee Molotov Marchers.

Michael MacDonald is a doctoral candidate in the Department of English at UWM. He was introduced to alternative performances of masculinity through the cross-dressing of Kurt Cobain, and has since been fortunate enough to be surrounded by some amazing feminists. His research explores the intersections between literacy, globalization, and refugee studies.


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