Introducing: Brad.

Guess what, folks? Lakefront is coming out with its 2nd My Turn Series beer and it’s a Scottish Ale called the Brad.

Brad brewed a Scottish Ale. This one’s a bright coppery brown with a malty flavor and aroma. Hoppiness take a back seat to the strong malt profile and hint of smokiness. In short, this thing ought to tighten the belt on your kilt.

“So what?” you might ask. “Who cares?” you might wonder, or even “what’s the big deal?” Well we’re happy to tell you. Tomorrow, Tuesday, April 17, the Lakefront folks are putting this little slice of ambrosial nectar into kegs. And then they’re gonna deliver it. And we’re getting the first keg and we’re gonna be the only bar in town to have this slick Scottish puppy on tap. And Brad, after whom this delicious after-work-gonna-drink-one-maybe-two-nah-make-it-six-(walk-home-please) little doozy is named, is going to be there to pour the first pint. And you’re invited. Take off your sweaty duds and put on your Tuesday best and come share a pint with us at 6pm. Can you tell we’re excited?

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