Call for Candidates: Board of Directors

The Public House is having Board of Directors elections May 20 at the Annual General Meeting. This year there will be 4 open seats. For more information and to announce your interest in running, email You will be asked to attend a “Meet the Candidates” event at the Public House on May 7 at 6pm.

Elected Board terms are for three years.
Accountable to:
The Membership of the Riverwest Public House.
General Responsibilities:
Planning and Stewardship
Guidance and Oversight
Support and Representation

1. Directors will attend RWPH Board monthly meetings and any additional special meeting of the Board. If an officer of the Board, directors may also be expected to attend any executive committee meetings. Chronic absence may result in dismissal from the Board.
2. Directors will sit on/or chair at least one standing Board committee.
3. Directors will keep abreast of RWPH issues and activities by reading and, when appropriate, responding to monthly reports and any other Board materials.
4. Directors, when possible, will seek to contribute their time and energy to support RWPH events and activities by representing the organization. For example, directors may assist in fundraising, recruitment; represent RWPH at associating and community meetings, etc.
5. Directors, where appropriate, will make themselves available to RWPH members to represent the RWPH to them and to see to represent member opinions and concerns on the RWPH Board.

For more information and to announce your interest in running, email

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