Smart City Nexus : A Gathering of Minds June 22nd 6-8pm.

So we’re really into bringing people together for some good conversation over a good drink. You might say it’s our thing. To celebrate this fact and to scale it up about a dozen notches, we’re going to start this little doohickey of an event called the Smart City Nexus. Basically it’s a casual gathering of minds – regular folks right on up through community leaders – to discuss everything from the lighthearted to the very weighty and pressing issues of our time. But just to be clear, we’re only a space – you have to do the mingling. So in other words, this is a completely open event where you can come talk to people who want to make things happen. Not sitting behind tables trying to sell you a pitch, but over drinks. Yeah, real conversations. The idea is to bring folks together and see some new projects and initiatives emerge around such things as food access and sustainability issues, or education and neighborhood autonomy. These are just examples. Organizations on board so far include:

-Future Found
-Great Lakes Community Conservation Corps
-Make A Difference Wisconsin
-MKE Localicious
-North Park University
-Illinois Institute of Technology
-UW-Milwaukee Institute of World Affairs, Center for International Education
-Sweet Water Foundation
-Veterans United for Community Service
-Victory Garden Initiative
-Walnut Way
-Weber’s Greenhouses

You should really come. After all, your ideas are amazing and could really help shape the future of our community, city, state, and society.

Here’s the Facebook event, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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