Pub Trivia’s First Birthday is Wednesday July 25.

Hey you frosted little sno-cone sleeves,

Pub Trivia Hosted By Jeb Ebben And Sponsored Graciously By Our Friends At Lakefront Brewery is turning a ripe old one year old tomorrow. That means very VERY little other than Jeb is probably feeling a little accomplished (or like “whoa where did that year of my life just get on to, oh well I just biked 150 miles so who cares”) and that we’re buying you a cake.

That’s right. Cake. If you come to Pub Trivia tomorrow at 7pm and buy a drink, then we’re going to give you a piece of cake with your drink. While supplies last. No whining when we run out. Get real.

Starts a little after 7pm. No more than 4 people on a team. Free admission. A buck off the seasonal specials from 7pm till midnight. These mojitos aren’t going to drink themselves. The cake won’t look like this unless they have one just like this at Pick’n’save and you know they won’t. So just enjoy the picture.


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