9×9 with Sat Nite Duets & Juniper Tar

We caught up with Jason Mohr from Juniper Tar and Andrew Jambura from Sat Nite Duets and asked them a handful of questions to pick their brains before the show. Here’s what they came up with.

1) What’s your favorite drink?
J: Crow & Cubes
A: Beer, 32 ounce can/glass/boot/fishbowl preferable, served “cold as hell”

2) Describe your sound.
J: Mellow Ruckus
A: Torrential Zen

3) Favorite candy?
J: Honey Slides
A: Gingerbread Hauses
4) Favorite song?
J: Ever? ‘Foxy Lady.’ It never loses its power.
A: “You Got It” – Roy O.

5) Pick a super power: Invisibility or Flight.
J: Flight, but for limited periods of time so we won’t take it for granted.
A: Flight (for the Obvious Reason)

6) Describe a dream you once had.
J: I was a smaller person with larger, longer-than normal arms, so it was hard to maneuver things and do things like steer a vehicle and eat sandwiches.  So, rather than get frustrated I became a deep sea fisherman because I was able to reach into underwater caverns to collect crustaceans.

A: Bandmate Ben (Gucciardi) goes to the convenience store 200 years ago. Encounters some inexplicable problem with “moss.” Returns only to ask if “this is some of that Asheville weed.”
*It wasn’t, fyi*

7) What’s your mode of transportation these days?
J: MCTS Greenline
A: Honda, Dark Green (obviously), 2001 namesayin’
8) What’s your favorite animal?
J: Sloth.  The most stoned-chilled out creature on earth. And they have ripper claws too.
A: N/A

9) What’s your favorite place in America?
J: The woods anywhere.  The less people, the better.
A: Out on the backyard lawn, brother.

Catch Sat Nite Duets & Juniper Tar this Friday Sept 14 at 9pm for a measly $5 at your Riverwest Public House Cooperative.

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