9×9 with Elusive Parallograms

Elusive Parallelograms is a band from Milwaukee. We asked them a handful of questions about the generalities of life. Nothing too heavy. But they took it really seriously. Check it out:

1) What’s your favorite drink?

David: LSD
Stefan:  Anything single malt
Andrew: Grain alcohol & Rain water


2) Describe your sound.
David: Beeeeeeeooooooooowwwww!!!
Stefan: Fun noise
Andrew: molecules exploding


3) Favorite candy?

David: Pussy
Stefan: That sweet sweet love box


4) Favorite song?

David: Brian’s song.
Stefan: The song of my people
Andrew: Tomorrow never knows- The Beatles


5) If you could have any super power, what would it be?

David: God.
Stefan: Cheeseburgers
Andrew: All of ’em


6) Describe a dream you once had.
David: I woke up.
Stefan: Lucid
Andrew: Zombies, always zombies…


7) What’s your mode of transportation these days?

David:  Your Mom.
Stefan: None of your God Damn business…
Andrew: Prius


8) What’s your favorite animal?

David: Your Mom.
Stefan: Fuckin’ Bear Bro
Andrew: Peregrine Falcon

9) What’s your favorite place in America?

David: Everywhere, it’s fucking America bro!
Stefan: Prison
Andrew: Chicago

Catch them Saturday Sept 29 at 9pm with Salinas from Winnipeg Canada at your Riverwest Public House Cooperative.

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