Hot Blind Debates 10/18 at 7pm

Think that you can do better than ol’ Mitt & Barack? Grab a beer, get on the soap box, and show us what you got!

WHERE: The Riverwest Public House. 815 E. Locust St, Riverwest, Milwaukee.

WHEN: Thursday, October 18th. The party starts at 7pm.


COVER: $3. All proceeds go to the Riverwest Bakery Cooperative.


VOTING: A Citizen’s Duty or Waste of Time?

EVENING ENTERTAINMENT: 50 Shades of Grey VS. Rachel Maddow

MKE POLICE DEPARTMENT: Public Defender or Public Oppressor?

CONSERVATIVE BADASSES: Chuck Norris VS Clint Eastwood

The winners will go on to compete in the MYSTERY DEBATE ROUNDS which will be announced no sooner than five minutes before the debate begins.

The winning team will be crowned
Milwaukee Master Debaters!

CSPAN has got nothin’ on us!

We are so grateful to our community sponsors: The Tool Shed, Classic Slice, The Riverwest Co-op, People’s Books Co-op, Comet, Honey Pie, and Cafe Corazon.

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