Solar Riverwest (Sunday 11/18 at 6pm) Brought to you by Night School

We’re excited to host a workshop this Sunday on the solar potential of Southeastern Wisconsin. You know what would be really cool? If a group of you came to this workshop with the goal of starting a solar co-op in mind. (Click all three links…)

Make Solar A Reality in Riverwest

Learn the basics of how you can add solar to your home or business. Find out about how the technology works, how to evaluate if you’re ready for solar, and what incentives are available. The City of Milwaukee’s solar program, Milwaukee Shines, offers low-interest financing, and has launched a one-of-a-kind solar purchase program called the Milwaukee Power Pack, which can help your home or business take advantage of record low solar prices, while supporting local businesses at the same time. Join representatives from Milwaukee Shines, the Midwest Renewable Energy Association, and Helios Solar Works, Milwaukee’s solar panel manufacturer.  For details on the program visit or call 414-286-5593

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