Happy 2nd Anniversary!

On a Thursday almost two years, ago, a handful of 20 something guys peaked their head in the door of the Public House as we were putting the finishing touches on the space and said, timidly, “you open?”

After a few moments of looking around at each other in an impromptu test of our consensus decision-making skills, one of us nodded and said, “sure, what’ll ya have?”

And so it was that on March 17 of 2011, the Riverwest Public House Cooperative opened its doors to a handful of already-drunk guys looking for a place to continue day drinking on St. Patrick’s day.

Two years later and we’re keeping up that tradition with a full weekend of fun. Friday night we’re starting it off smooth with free DJ sets from The French Connection and Kerry Latham. Stop in for a drink and a dance after 9pm.

Saturday, the kind of show our members tend to love (but it’s not members-only): 4th Street Elevator from 7-10pm followed by Joe Huber and the Thriftones at 10pm. $5 gets you a night of cavorting around to musical house-favorites before the drinkupolypse our fair nation calls St. Patrick’s Day (and the Public House Anniversary Party)

Which brings us to the Main Event: The Squeezettes are playing at 7pm Sunday night, for free! Denny Rauen will open with a set of Bagpipes along with Michael Eells on bodhran and the lovely Mary Therese Purdy doing a bit of the irish jig. And we’ve got a mighty fine Patty’s Day drink special: $6 gets you a Porter and a shot of Powers. And $2 gets you a shot of Powers on its lonesome.

Happy Anniversary and thanks for supporting your Riverwest Public House!

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2 Responses to Happy 2nd Anniversary!

  1. My lovely wife Mary does not claim to an jig expert, but someone has to break the ice! Everyone come on up and dance!

  2. Mike Perry says:

    Congratulations! Here in the UK there are currently 14 co-operative public houses and we’ve just launched a new website. see http://www.pubs.coop.

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