Statement Regarding incidents on April 30, 2013.


Regarding incidents on April 30, 2013.

As a neighborhood minded organization, we know what a tight-knit community Riverwest is. We live here, we work here, we play here – and we know how word travels. Some of you saw, many have heard and many more will learn about things that went down at the Public House last night. We want to tell the story as we experienced it.

Tuesday evening was turning into a great night at the public house. Regulars from our LGBTuesday crowd were gathering as folks from the Riverwest 24 started camping out in garden park for today’s registration. There were folks new to the bar, too. Overall, it was a great night.

But towards the end of the night a couple of individuals got violent. Fights broke out outside the bar. As our staff made moves to get things under control, some of these fights escalated. Any time our community is torn down like this we see it as more than just an incident at a bar – we take it personally.

Even in the midst of this, great things came through: our staff responded quickly and made decisions to keep our community safe. We had really positive interactions with the police. And we’re learning from last night too.

Let us be clear: the Public House exists as the crossroads of culture where our diverse community gathers. Anything that threatens this is not tolerated. We do not tolerate violent words or violent actions. We do not tolerate our patrons being disrespectful to our neighbors. And we do not believe the negative actions of a few individuals should tear down the great things we experience through the Public House.


Cooperatively yours,

The Board and Workers Collective


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One Response to Statement Regarding incidents on April 30, 2013.

  1. Mauricio Kilwein Guevara says:

    Beautifully stated. Together we are strong. Paz, Mauricio Kilwein Guevaraa

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