Barstool Fundraiser Launched. Blast off!!

As previously discussed, we’ve got some pretty shabby barstools that are in desperate need of replacement. We’ve come up with a multifaceted plan to make this happen with a little bit of help from our friends.

Right now, we’re working on sketches with the Build Milwaukee Cooperative, which if you don’t know, is a worker cooperative based right here in Riverwest that focuses on home renovation and restoration, and also other custom interior design work (look around the Public House next time you’re in there to see some of their handiwork). As soon as the sketches are ready, we’ll post them here and on our Facebook page.

By going with Build Milwaukee for this job, we are keeping local money local, rather than purchasing cheaper stools from somewhere else (another city, another country). We will also have perpetual access to the builders of the stools, so if and when they break or get damaged, we know who to call for a quick and thorough fix.

To raise the funds for this project we’ve got a handful of small initiatives:

  1. Barstool Fundraiser Shot of the Week – $5.  This week’s Shot of the Week is a Kamikaze. Next time you’re sitting at the Public House with your friends and you’re all kind of uneasy about the barstools, order a round of shots. Every shot comes with a tiny little thank you card because we appreciate your help! We’ll have hot steamy stools on the floor in no time.
  2. Beer Signs & Memorabilia Silent Auction – July 28. -Sunday, July 28, we’ll have a nice folk/country duo called Ruth & Sandy playing some tunes while we conduct a silent auction of some great old beer signs and memorabilia. If you have something you’d like to donate, get in touch! (
  3. Party In The Park in August – At some yet to be determined August date, we’ll be having a fun little get together in the park, probably in tandem with our friends at Cocoon Room. Stay tuned to find out more.
  4. Individual Donations – If you donate $25 or more to this project, we will feature your name and/or picture (it’s up to you) on our Wall of Appreciation until we have finished this campaign. That way, when you’re sitting at the bar, somebody will see that you provided them with some extra comfort on their butts, and they’ll probably give you a high five or a big hug or maybe even buy your next drink. Who knows?

Our goal for this fundraiser is $400-$800 per month. That way we’ll be rolling out the new stools at a rate of approximately 2-4 per month. We’re excited to have a fleet of new custom stools for your seating pleasure.

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