Your Membership Is Probably Expired.

We have a list of 343 people whose memberships are expired. Are you a free rider?

– Member equity allows us to avoid debt. (We wouldn’t have opened our doors in the first place if it weren’t for our members buying memberships when this bar was just an idea. Thank you!)
– Members get drink/merch discounts, free quarterly cocktail tastings, free pitcher on their birthday
– New lifetime members get a free pint glass/T-shirt
– Members make us strong and democratic.
– Members get bragging rights. They literally, legally own the bar.
– Members are part of something bigger: All the excess revenue (profits) from the Public House (when excess revenue finally exists someday), goes to the Riverwest Cooperative Alliance to aid the development of more co-ops here, which means greater job opportunities, expanded local services, and more local community-controlled wealth.

Memberships are just $40 a year, or $200 for a lifetime membership. Every time you renew your membership, you get one step closer to the lifetime status. Many of you who have expired are already at the $80 mark. Some are even at the $120 mark!


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One Response to Your Membership Is Probably Expired.

  1. Randy says:

    Best thing I ever did was sign up as a lifetime member in the beginning. Best Bar in Milwaukee

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