No Action on Israel Boycott Proposal

We at the Riverwest Public House Cooperative appreciate hearing the viewpoints of our members and neighbors on this issue. Please allow me to clarify some details for you, as it seems some members of our community have been misinformed on the recent happenings at the Public House.

On July 8, the Milwaukee Palestine Solidarity Coalition (MPSC) approached the RWPH Board of Directors to participate in a cultural and economic boycott of Israeli products. After their presentation to the Board, the Board decided that it was not in the position to make a decision and asked the MPSC to present to the membership in an open and educational discussion space. On July 31, MPSC presented to members and a non-binding advisory vote was held for the specific purpose of gauging member interest. The Board has not voted to support or not to support the boycott and has not scheduled a vote on the matter. The Board is working to determine how the Public House responds to any requests to participate in boycotts and will respond to this request when it decides on an appropriate method. The Riverwest Public House Cooperative remains committed to providing a welcoming social meeting place, to provide patrons with a variety of affordable local, organic and/or delicious beers, ciders and spirits, and to raise funds to propagate other cooperatives through the Riverwest Cooperative Alliance.

Thank you,

Elena Pires
President, Board of Directors
Riverwest Public House Cooperative

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One Response to No Action on Israel Boycott Proposal

  1. Ryan Schumacher says:


    By “avoiding a decision” and “promoting neutrality” you are siding with the stronger party, pursuing your own profits and false accord over any sense of justice and broader social responsibility. You deserve only contempt for backing down when faced with the paranoid racism of a few Zionist members.

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