Benefit Show for Krow – Support Penokee Mine Resistance

“Katie Kloth, aka Krow, is an activist, artist, forager, sustainable farmer, and biologist who has been committed to struggles to protect the environment and liberate all life for many years, and has spent the last several years organizing against the proposed Penokee mine. On June 11th, 2013, she was cited by the Iron County Sherriff for theft due to her alleged involvement in a rowdy protest earlier that day that disrupted bore hole drilling on the Penokee Range. Since it was considered such a minor crime, she was neither arrested nor detained that day. On June 21st, it was announced that the Iron County District Attorney increased the charges to robbery with use of force (a class E felony), two counts of criminal damage to property and one charge of theft of movable property (<=$2500).

Help support Krow and all those who sacrifice their freedom to protect the water! ‘No mine’ means supporting those who defend the land!”

This event is to raise funds for Krow to go toward their legal fees.

Performances include:
Awkward Terrible –
Crowdpleaser – milwaukee anarcho goth
Sloths –

There will also be awesome “Support Mining Resistance” patches for sale, in addition to a talk on the situation in the Penokee Hills.


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1 Response to Benefit Show for Krow – Support Penokee Mine Resistance

  1. Don says:

    What’s the date of the show?

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