Backup Bartender Position available

The Riverwest Public House is hiring!

Position: Backup Bartender
We occasionally have gaps in staffing that need to be filled. This position is for someone who would like to pick up a shift every couple of weeks or so. We do like to promote from within, so this could possibly lead to steadier part time bartending work at the RWPH.

‐ Commitment to participating in a Workers’ Collective management employment setting, including by attending meetings, engaging in governance and planning

‐ Available daily in the late afternoons and evenings

‐ Licensed as a bartender in the State of Wisconsin

‐ At least one (1) year experience as a bartender

‐ Proven history of exceptional customer service and communication skills

‐ Physically able to lift 50 lbs unassisted

‐ Persons most ideal will be responsible, trustworthy, dependable, and detail orientated

– Interest or experience with collective management and enthusiasm for the co-op model a must.

Deadline to Apply:  We will accept applications and resumes until the position has been filled.

Specific Duties Include:

• Arrive on time to all scheduled shifts

• Remain updated and well trained in RWPH menu and Rules of Operation

• Card and serve appropriate beverages to appropriate customers

• Wash glassware and utensils after each use

• Clean up after customers at the end of your shift

• Maintain a clean work area throughout your shift

• Arrange bottles and glasses for attractive display

• Monitor and maintain an inventory of supplies needed for bar menu

• Mix ingredients according to drink recipes

• Change kegs as needed

• Accurately pour wine and tap beer

• Serve food to customers seated at the bar

• Collect payment and efficiently operate a cash register

• Maintain nightly tabs for customers paying by credit card

• Determine when it is inappropriate to continue to serve a drunk customer and be

prepared to mediate a difficult situation if necessary

• Be familiar with our Drunk Driving policy and be prepared to assist with water, food

and/or alternative and safe transportation

• Provide exceptional customer service at all times; be friendly, helpful, attentive and


• Engage patrons in conversation

• Supply comfortable and pleasing atmosphere in bar with lighting and music

• Act as a role model to all members of the WC

Location:  Milwaukee, WI

Position Type:  Part Time

Other information:  The RWPH is a community owned and supported bar and public space.  We are cooperatively managed by a Collective of Workers and do not discriminate in our hiring for any reason.  We are an at-will employer.

Applications are available behind the bar. Ask your bartender. 

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