Saturday Potluck, Art Show, Mac&Cheese Competition – 4pm

On the Full Moon December 28th, 2012 a Barbie Doll was dipped in paint. Every day after that, she was dipped again. Each subsequent Full Moon another Barbie joined in the transformation process until December 17th, 2013- The 13th Full Moon when the 13 Barbie joined the others.

Also Macaroni & Cheese Competition/Potluck
Bring a dish of Mac & Cheese and enter in the competition!
Your most delicious, your most daring, your most avant-garde, your Mac & Cheese with the Most Odd Ingredient!, an appetizer, main course, soup, dessert.

Each entrant gets to pick the category which best suits their Mac & Cheese! Be creative! 10 entrants… = 10 categories….. = 10 prizes!

Suggested $5 donation per entry. Everyone who enters gets to be one of the judges.

Enter to be a Judge with out making Mac & Cheese! Suggested $5 to be a Judge!

To be a part of the competition arrive between 5:30pm and 6pm to register. Tastings will start at 6:15pm

General Potluck at 6:45pm. $5 suggested donation.

Lots of prizes!!! Every dish will be documented and if you like will be included in a Zine to be published at the end of the year!!!

“The entity known as Barbie is actually an inter-dimensional being who appeared in our world over 55 years ago and was quickly caught and enslaved by the hetero-normative, gender binary powers that be and put to work doing their nefarious bidding. Barbie at first was honored to be so embraced by so many in our world but as she quickly learned it was rather restrictive and oppressive. Over the years and decades she worked to free herself. Convincing at one time a group of activists to switch her voice box with that of G.I. Joe’s and when she was cast as Karen Carpenter in the movie Superstar. She has inspired artists around the world to challenge the perceived notions of what is possible and is allowed. Whether as an Astronaut, actor, Race Car Driver, etc. she has always pushed the boundaries while working within the system she found herself in. Though her greatest work has always been the interpersonal adventures she enticed her human counterparts to embark upon. Each Barbie became unique as she lived through and with the human. Now she is asking for a collective organized effort to free herself completely from her servitude because she truly desires to be revealed in all her potential glory and be allowed to have all the fun and frolic that is possible. Barbie wants to party with all of humanity! She has appeared to many humans over the years who have taken up the call to help. For about the last year and half she has come to to inspire others by the name Audacious Year. She has traveled and presented herself to a fair number of folks and started to tell more of her story. Now on this next Full Moon, Barbie will begin a process of Transformation. Audacious Year invites all to follow along and be moved by this process. Blessed Be~Divinely Doo-doo” —christian xtn hansen

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