FREE BEER Friday! Lakefront’s My Turn Series: John

John Zutz is a good man. He’s a tour guide at Lakefront and has been doing so for about as long as there have been tour guides at Lakefront. He’s been a member of the Public House since before we opened our doors. He did a bunch of electrical work on the space so we could have a functional stage, and we’ve referred to him as “our electrician” for a few years now. He’s got good taste, and we’re big fans of that guy. He’s also the man behind Lakefront’s new My Turn Series beer, “John.” It’s a dark lager with cherries: a little bit sweet, and very dark. And he’s hosting a free tasting and release party of this ambrosial nectar right here at your Public House this Friday. From 7-9 you can be among the first (true, it’s already in stores) to give this limited time lager a try.

After that we’ve got a DJ set from Sir Tyler Robots. Stick around and shake your ass for free. No cover for any of it: free beer free dance Friday at the Pub.

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