Changes to the Board of Directors

We would like to inform our members on structural changes that took place this week.  Due to scheduling conflicts Monique Liston, our acting treasurer, has resigned from the Board of Directors.  We are very grateful to her for her service and are sad to see her go. We hope that she continues to be involved in the Public House and wish her the best of luck in future endeavors.

In addition, due to scheduling Gene Gallistel will be resigning from his position four months early. Gene was a founding member and has served on the board since 2010. He will be will remain in the Workers’ Collective and active in the Public House. Thank you for all of your work on the Board, Gene. You will be missed. France!

So now what happens? According to our by-laws:

5:12 Any Board member may resign at any time by written notice to this effect. The acceptance of the resignation–effective at such time as specified in the notice–shall not be necessary to make it effective.
5:13 Any vacancies among the Board shall be filled by appointment at the next scheduled Board meeting, by consensus of the Board members then in office. If consensus is not reached, a 2/3 majority is required. This appointment shall be in effect until the next regularly scheduled election.

We are happy to announce that Pastor Steve Jerbi will be temporarily returning to the Board of Directors to replace Monique. Steve is the pastor at All People’s Church, has served on the Public House Board from 2012-2013, and hosts our monthly event ‘Theology on Tap’. Welcome back, Steve!


We are also pleased report that Lisa Knapp will be joining the Board of Directors to replace Gene. Lisa has been involved with the Public House since the very first planning meeting and has been in the Workers’ Collective since March of 2012. She is a former Chair of the Communications Committee and was on the HR Committee at Riverwest Co-op & Cafe. Welcome to the Board, Lisa!


Steve Jerbi and Lisa Knapp will on the Board of Directors until our next Annual General Meeting (AGM) on May 18th, 2014. Peter Murphy will be taking over as Treasurer. With Monique and Gene’s resignations, there will be four vacant board seats up for election. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

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