A Riverwest Co-op Café Vegan Prefix Meal with Sprecher Beer Pairings

Cooperative neighbor enjoyment – A Riverwest Co-op Café Vegan Prefix Meal with Sprecher Beer Pairings hosted by the Riverwest Public House – Thursday, May 15th, 2014 at 6pm.

The Riverwest Co-op Café and the Riverwest Public House with Sprecher brewery will be presenting a vegan beer dinner on Thursday, May 15th.  We are embracing the change of season with the course selections and the pairings, each featuring locally sourced, artisanal ingredients whenever possible.  The inspiration for the event lies in a great working relationship between these local businesses, building communities together.

The Riverwest Co-op Café is creating a four course dinner and each course will be paired with a Sprecher beer. The Public house will be creating a few special craft cocktails for the evening.  We will provide a brief introduction to each course, giving suggested notes of interest, the history, and interplay of the pairings.

The cocktail hour, beginning at 6pm, will feature a variety of beer cocktails and selected craft soda* cocktails that will be available for purchase.  In the spirit of community and cooperation, we are also proudly pouring Great Lakes Distillery spirits in the cocktails.  Look for some interesting creations and twists on classic cocktails.

We are keeping the menu a secret until the day of. The introduction and our dinner will begin at7pm.  We will start off with the Hefe Weiss, a course filter German wheat ale, perfect for warmer weather and pairing with lighter fare to begin.  The All-American Pale Ale is second and has been dry hopped with fresh whole cone Simcoe and Citra hops; this beer was available in only draft. Up next is the Black Bavarian, which has always been a Riverwest Public House favorite. We will close out with the Czar brew 2013, a bourbon barrel aged Russian Imperial Stout, and it will be paired with a sweeter dish.  Several other styles of beers will be available for tasting as well.

Tickets are available at the Public House and are $20 if purchased in advance.  25 seats are available at this event.

*Please note the Sprecher sodas do contain Wisconsin honey

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