This Saturday we celebrate the release of The Delphines new record “Hush”!

“There’s not much left to be said about The Delphines and their new release that hasn’t already been said a dozen times by the Milwaukee media circle. Their songs are short. They are energetic. They use reverb. Oh, and Hush is good. Much in the style of previous releases, lead singer Jami Eaton’s vocals are constantly supported and intertwined with guitarist/vocalist’s Harrison Colby’s subdued baritone. Colby’s lead guitar lines crack through a nearly impenetrable wall of rhythm provided by Lucas Riddle’s bass, rhythm guitars, and of course Jeremy Ault’s trademark tom/snare thundering. A thick, and I mean thick, blanket of reverb gives the album a distinct surfy vibe.”

Also playing: Platinum Boys and No Bueno  9pm $5

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