Flyer by Faythe Levine

Vaginas: Anatomy and Physiology
July 17th at 7pm, 21+

The first part of the series will cover some basics; the reproductive system, clitoris, menstruation, hormones, good things for vaginas, not-so-good things for vaginas. Get ready for an interactive, informative and engaging talk on a part of the body that is often misunderstood. Have questions? Want more information? Come for the talk, stay for a Q&A after!

Presenter: Mia Noel is from Milwaukee’s Northwest side. She graduated from Marlboro College in Marlboro, VT. Her background includes experience in public health, education, film, and volunteer work with area nonprofits. Mia is currently the Community Outreach Specialist for Planned Parenthood of WI. She is happily working on creating a culture where sexuality is discussed respectfully and openly.

About the series:
As we were hanging out at the bar, we got to talking about the lack of real education, understanding, and the misinformation surrounding sexual health. So, we created a sexual education series for adults! A fun, affirming, and open space where people can learn accurate information, talk about personal experiences, and ask candid questions. We are bringing in community advocates, educators, and experts to facilitate conversations on topics such as anatomy & physiology, gender, sexual practices and pleasure, reproductive rights and responsibilities, and life stages.

About Night School:
Night School is an event series that was developed for the Riverwest Public House Cooperative in 2011. Created and co-curated by Peter Murphy and Paul Kjelland, Night School is an environment for critical dialogue, presentations, films, and more in a social space. Night School is always free and open to the public.

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